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Hard Water Problems?


by the AquaKing Triangular Wave Water Conditioner

Simply Said...

The AquaKing Triangular Wave water conditioner will give you the total effect of soft water, and over time will clear up any pipe deposits you may already have!

Technically Speaking...

The AquaKing Triangular Wave water conditioner produces a self-tuning induced molecular agitation. The induction coil uses a current that flows to the solenoid coil creating a de-ionizing effect. This increases the solubility of the minerals in the water, and changes the shape and size of calcium carbonate crystals. By this reaction, the crystals loose their adhesive properties and remain in sub-micron suspension, thus passing harmlessly through your pipes. Over time, existing scale deposits are also taken into solution and pass through your pipes as well.

This product is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Breakthrough Technology - Benefits for you!

»  Provides the effects of softened water, neutralizing calcium hardness affects in the water.

»  Removes and prevents scale buildup. De-scales the entire plumbing system over time.

»  Uses no salts or other chemicals.

»  Service and Maintenance Free!

»  Improves efficiency of all water-fed appliances, and extends their life.

»  Saves on water heating bills.

»  Eliminates septic bed toxic salt poisoning.

»  Quickly pays for itself and continues saving. Uses only $10 to $14.00 of electricity per year.

»  Works on most types of pipe. Does not require additional plumbing, and can be installed by anyone.


Water the way nature intended it!

Let's take a look at an illustration of a normal setup.

And now a look at the technology...

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